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The games are simple, random fun; the graphics are more than eye-catching; and the replay value is higher than any standalone poker game. However, I do wish they had excluded Roulette from the objectives list. If you want the casino experience in virtual form, Hard Rock Casino is the place to visit.

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 8 Critics What's this? No user score yet - Awaiting 3 more ratings. Apr 24, Also On: Log in to finish rating Hard Rock Casino. Become a high stakes roller at The Hard Rock Casino! Over 20 different casino games: Game Tutorials that will give basic instructions, winning strategies and tips for each game. Fully customizable player characters that offer many of options.

Game Sharing via wireless play pdp one disc PSP system. Farsight Studios Genre psp casino MiscellaneousParlorGamblingGambling psp casino players: This is a great caaino — the kind of game you can pick up and enjoy for 30 seconds without feeling the need to make gambling flash 10 or minute commitment.

All this publication's reviews Read full caslno. Hard Rock Casino shouldn't be a terrible game, psp casino it is. All this publication's reviews. Psp casino a ton of casino games into one package and then tying a goal-based story around it certainly casino craps on line on paper, but when you use low-budget implementations of each and every game to put it together, the whole thing falls apart.

In summary, I just can't recommend this because it has virtually no purpose and is horribly tedious - it says a lot that Sam Fox Strip Poker on the ZX Spectrum from actually had more of a point to playing it, even if cssino point was just to see an xasino, monochrome drawing of a pair of oversized norks.

Official Playstation 2 Magazine UK. Too many games that involve no skill. Quantity over quality, this suite of gambling games fails to capture the thrill of throwing all your money away on the single spin of a wheel. It's an exercise in frustration and annoyance, and the payoffs aren't worth it cxsino nothing you unlock makes this game any fun.

Download page for Hard Rock Casino (USA) ISO for PSP PSP. Video trailer for the Sony PSP game Hard Rock Casino. Get Hard Rock Casino, Strategy, Card/Casino game for PSP, PSVita console from the official PlayStation® website. Know more about Hard Rock Casino Game.